Client Service

Placement service

Life Source Consultancy provides recruitment services across the board in different verticals with a prime focus on Life Science Vertical. ie. Pharma, Biotech, CRO & Medical Device Industry. Having worked in this industry for decades, we know the right contacts, principles and successful management techniques of the industry. Our services cover academic institutions and colleges.

Training service

We offer Internationally reputed Training Consultancy services in corporate Training, in verticals like, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Retail, Health Care and Educational Institutions. We offer Psychometric analysis in Sales, Marketing and Customer Care. We test on line the Inter Personal Relationship Skills O-I P R S(TM) , through our partnerners' website for both corporate and individuals. Our management consulting includes, Corporate restructuring and setting up a professional organization, Job cards and SOPs for personnel, Finacial compensation package recommendations, preparing promotional flyers and brochures, conducting product launches etc.

Legal service

In Legal Services we do offer multi-faceted services like attending to matters in Civil, Corporate Services like attending Service Tax, Commercial Tax matters, attending Tribunal matters, Liasoning works between different authorities, Criminal Courts etc.

Apart from above mentioned services we can also provide the following services

Value added services in Recruitment by LSC

  • Understand and realize the client requirement and position competency and to ensure that the clients are serviced with excellent quality of deliveries
  • Scheduling telephonic / final interviews by sourcing, short-listing, telephonic screening prospective candidate in accordance to client requirement.
  • Meet prospective candidates to ascertain their suitability
  • Negotiating with candidate on position, responsibility and compensation package.
  • Conducting referral / background checks whenever required.
  • Providing long term service & solution to clients and candidates.

Value added services in Training by LSC

  • Assessment of personnel capability by psychometric and behavioral techniques.
  • Studying the behaviour pattern of personnel and mapping the behavoipr pattern in additon to offering counseling to correct their behaviour.
  • Offering our services through "Smart Methodolgy" for proper Need identification, Customization and execution of Training.
  • Offering post training measurement tools to corpoarte so that the corporate can ensure results of training by regular follow up.

We strive for perfection in offering our services. We solicite your views in improving the same.