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As mentioned, we believe in a symbiotic relationship with all our stakeholders. Abiding to this as an initial endeavor, we are providing some basic ‘Tips for interview & CV / Resume’ and 'FAQs'.

Tips for Interview...

  • Overcoming nervousness is one of the prime challenges and this can be managed to a great extent by focusing on efforts supplemented by thorough groundwork & planning (preparing for FAQs, probable objections and gaps if any).
  • Be open and exhibit confidence in whatever you are answering and don’t ever try to answer, if you don’t have a proper idea or a clear understanding. Even then if you want to, then mention them clearly extent of your knowledge or limitation on the subject asked for.
  • Try to crystallize your thoughts and answer in a very simple & lucid way with latest updates (if possible) showcasing your knowledge on the specific subject asked for.
  • Explain your experience for specific questions, with relevant examples (for what ever you claim / quote / convey) to show not only your knowledge in the respective domain, but also your applicability or skills.
  • Take just a little bit of time and try to analyze the questions before answering. As some questions are intended to stress you or test your tolerance levels with an objective of knowing your attitude.
  • Last but not least, Dress code! Mild colored formals / semi-formals with a clean, tidy look is very important. Let’s not forget! You will make your first impression with your attire, then with your knowledge, skills and attitude.

Tips for CV / Resume…

  • Resume is a tool to market your self. It should be précised in 2-3 pages with clarity, appropriateness and relevance that should not take more than 5 mins for a glance.
  • Resume should comprise of name, address, objective, brief career summary, experience in reverse chronological order, educational qualifications and other achievements that can include awards & certificates, training, workshops, seminars or presentations with required personal profile.
  • In ‘experience’ part of the CV, appropriately 70-80 % of the weightage has to be given to your work experience and achievements in the current company and rest to previous experience, if any.
  • For more formal and precise look to your CV, use any one professional font type for entire document. Use Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman etc. and a legible font size between 9 and 11 without any jargons in the text with bullet points and bold for headings / sub headings.

Frequentry Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The very first question asked by any interviewer is "Tell something about yourself?". For this, the sequence mentioned below can provide right orientation
         Personal background » Academics » Professional background » Present company » Achievements, if any.
  • The second probable question can be on ‘your experience’. Tips (see above) - 3, 4 and 5 can be useful to tackle this question
  • Third question probably can be on ‘your suitability’ to the new role/job. This can be handled by showing your clarity in terms of objective, understanding, rationale behind the change and relevance in your experience.


The above mentioned tips & FAQs are given at a macro perspective, keeping in view general interview process. Hope our information can be of some use in terms of facilitating and providing insights in your pursuit for new / better opportunities.

We strive for perfection in offering our services. We solicite your views in improving the same.