Training Industry


The training Industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The industry has been largely benefited by corpoarte bodies that have brought bench mark systems in Training from the west and other parts of the globe. The History of the training Industry has deep roots of origin as earlier the Gurukul system that was existing gave an opportunity for the Gurus to impart practical and on the job training to its disciples. This healthy system where the disciple had a reverence the Gurus gave authority to the Guru and he could Train his disciplined student well.

Reasons behind transformation of the industry:

This situation as said above has undergone a lot of change as the Gurukul system has been outdated. Though even now, there are many areas where peole do try to like this to the boarding school system. And this is not really comparable. Previously training in the Pharamaceutical Industry was quite prolonged on class room training for subject knowledge and product knowledge, especially in companies like GSK (as known now) to Alembic. However the FMCG Training has continued to grow in upgrading the system of skills training. This has to be however this is one area where the Pharma Industry has lagged behind in India as more of commercialization has come to rule the Industry.

Issues & concerns:

The main issue today that confront the Training Industry in India, especially the Pharamaceutical Industry is to go beyond and give quality training for personnel in Knowledge and Skills that are important. Any good trainer who has a very good expereince in the Pharmaceutical Industry and is qualified to handle Skill based Training with certification in such Training would be an ideal choice.


The challenge is in finding the right trainer as said above with tremoundous inside knowledge of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and to see that the Industry takes up Skill upgradation weather it is knwledge or skill based. We in Life Source Consultancy are fully committed to take up this great cause and work for bringing the right solutions to the customer's end.

Way outs / opportunities:

 Mr V. Ramprasad has three decades of experience in the Indian Pharmaceutical companies including MNCs and National Companies. We in LSCON along with our training

1. Product based or skill based Training
2. Induction Training
3. Sales, Marketing and Product Management training
4. Management and Leadership Development workshops
5. Customer service Training
6. Executive development programs.

We offer all our training solutions as as customized modules for each client and are capable of developing topic based training modules. We offer post training measurement

Some facts about training industry:

Today training Industry has grown beyond. It now includes benchmark training methods and a number of International Standards are adopted. In addition to classroom training, on the job training to be effective, the line managers have to be coached in many areas. Trust and confidence reposed on them when measuring their levels of performance linked to Productivity increase by the system and processes involved are very important. Creation of level based SOPs and making them accountable for their job functions is equally important.


This is here that we in Life Source Consultancy come to join the Industry. We not only give you the right candidates and we would first scrutinize them for their skills thorugh certain advanced systems of selection using our Training partner's On Line Inter Personal Relationship Skill assessment tool and where needed would come forward to train the existing employees and train to upgarde their skills.